NOU! We are the only producer of Honey sticks in Europe

Honey Sticks

Biodegradable straws filled with Romanian organic honey.


No colorants, no additives, no chemicals!!

Our products are processed at a temperature below 40 degrees Celsius.

All ingredients are 100% natural!

Replace sweets with sugar, dyes and additives, with organic and healthy sweets!

The honey sticks are packed in:
– Box with 7 straws
– Cylinder with 25 straws
– Cylinder with 100 straws
We can deliver loose straw in cardboard boxes


  • Children who do not want to eat honey with a teaspoon under any circumstances, love the consumption offered by Honey sticks Zumzee

  • Honey straws are easy to carry in your bag, backpack, travel, bicycle, unlike classic jars.

  • The natural flavors added to honey by cocoa and carob, enrich its taste, offering a unique experience, which creates a positive addiction.

  • Cocoa and carob amplify the proven healing power of polyfloral honey

  • Pollen and propolis are bee ingredients that increase the body’s immunity


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„They are very nice!”

„Everyone in the family eats honey from straws. I like that I can take them with me in the park and on hikes. When they make an effort, they are a perfect dose of energy! „*

Paul Racoviță

My children got used to it: They want straw with honey every day.

„I’m glad I found these variants of sweets. Kids like the different taste of honey given by carobs and cocoa, but they also have fun while eating!”

Cristina Mihăilescu

* We can produce both certified organic honey and natural honey, but not organic certified.

9 Reasons to Choose Zumzee Honey Sticks

Reason No.1: They are delicious

The combination of polyfloral honey and natural ingredients (cocoa, carob powder, sea buckthorn, pollen and propolis) leads to delicate flavors that create a very pleasant consumption experience.

Reason No.2: They are healthy

Every ingredient taken is healthy. But combined in honey sticks, the natural ingredients amplify their healing power.

Reason No.3: We use biodegradable straw.

We pack Zumzee sticks products only in biodegradable PLA straw. PLA or polylactic acid (bioplastic in popular parlance) is a product obtained from renewable materials such as corn starch or sugar cane.

Reason No.4: Do not contain additives, dyes or other chemicals.

No additives, dyes, flavor enhancers, or other chemicals are needed. We use only 100% natural ingredients.

Reason No.5: They contain the perfect dose of honey: 10 g

One straw contains 10 grams of honey. It is the perfect dosage for a portion of sweet.

Reason No.6: They are easy to get around.

Unlike jars of honey, Zumzee honey sticks have the advantage that they can be taken in a backpack at school, in a backpack in the mountains, or in a bag for a walk in the park.


Reason No.7: Provides the perfect energy for effort.

Did you make an effort at the gym, by bike or climbing the mountain? Take one or two straws with honey and you will immediately feel a new wave of energy.

Reason No.8: They are the perfect gift!

No parent is happy when you give your child a product with sugar and all kinds of chemicals. Things change if you bring him a box of healthy honey sticks.

Reason No.9: We get involved in the community.

We constantly sponsor charities. We have offered and continue to offer straw with honey to: Children’s Palace, Children with Cancer, Children from orphanages, but also isolated cases of fundraising for sick children.

You will not easily find a product that is: delicious, and healthy, but also … Funny!

Here everything is natural and healthy!

Let’s talk about the ingredients used:

First of all about bee honey:


The honey comes only from Romanian beekeepers


We use polyfloral honey, because it is richer in vitamins and mineral salts and much more aromatic than monofloral honey.


The honey is filtered cold.


Polyfloral honey stimulates appetite, improves digestion, helps liver function and increases the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood.

Then, about the other ingredients used:


Cocoa, in the form of powder, or cocoa butter.

Honey mixed with cocoa has a delicate chocolate cream taste. It is a product appreciated by both children and adults.


Carob powder.

Carob powder is an exotic and nutritious food.

Benefits of Carob Powder:

It does not contain caffeine, is rich in vitamins and minerals, lowers cholesterol, regulates blood sugar, helps digestion, prevents the development of harmful bacteria in the intestines.


Sea buckthorn, in the form of juice, cold pressed.

The mixture of sea buckthorn with honey is considered an elixir of health, a universal cure for the treatment and prevention of many diseases and conditions, due to the benefits that these two foods bring to the body, both separately, but especially together.


Pollen and propolis.

  • Pollen is rich in the range of B vitamins, proteins and minerals, thus successfully filling food deficiencies.
  • Propolis is one of the best natural antibiotics, being used for therapeutic purposes since ancient times.

Don’t wait for Santa to come!

Give your children healthy and delicious sweets!

Offers parents and grandparents, Immuno sticks: straw with pollen and propolis!

Give yourself pleasure and health! – Straw with cocoa cream and carob powder!

Get ready for the cold season, with straw with honey and sea buckthorn!


Zumzee Sticks SRL, is a company certified as a BIO manufacturer, by the prestigious AGRECO R. F. GÖDERZ GmbH Germany

You are ready to replace sweets with sugar

or artificial sweeteners?

Now you have the alternative: Zumzee honey sticks!

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